Viscose Yarns

Viscose Yarns

Filament Yarns

Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY) is a natural yarn made from Wood pulp or cotton pulp. Like Cotton Yarn, it is obtained from nature and so is a natural product (not synthetic). Viscose Filament Yarn is also known as Rayon Yarn or Rayon Filament Yarn. Owing to the silky appearance and feel, VFY can be used to make fabrics for clothing and home textiles. Due to its feature of ability to breather and absorb liquid. It can be used in making soft smooth fabric for clothing. It is also widely used to make Viscose Embroidery Thread. We offer a wide range of viscose filament deniers which have a few weaving and embroidery applications. Viscose Filament Yarn is mainly available in Deniers like 120D, 150D, 300D and 600D. The lustre of Viscose Filament Yarn can be Bright or Full Dull.

Spun Yarns

Viscose Spun Yarns – Ring spun yarn is made by twisting and thinning the Viscose Fibre strands to make a very fine, strong, soft rope of Viscose fibers. Most yarns made from staple fibers are ring spun yarns. The twist that provides the final entanglement is built up from the outside to the inside. Spun yarn is available in different counts, such as Single and Double Yarns. VSY is commonly used in making Hosiery Fabric.

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