Bi Shrinkage Yarns

Bi Shrinkage Yarn

Bi Shrinkage Yarn is made by spinning together POY and FDY, that gives differential shrinkage in yarn, normally termed BSY or ITY. Unique yarn components under a controlled process are combined to achieve the desired results.

Currently trade qualities are as under

  • 50/48 sd BSY

  • 80/48 sd BSY

  • 130/42 sd BSY

Other combinations of BSY yarns are also possible

Usage is generally for Twisting, Weaving, and Knitting

Burkha Fabrics, Abaya, Trousers, Dress Material, Ladies Top & Bottoms.

Soft handle and Dry touch, Bulkiness, Good drapery, and resilience.

Leading Supplier of Yarn in Market

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