Polyester Yarns

Polyester Yarns

Polyester Yarns- The Polyester Filament Yarn is one of the finest synthetic yarns which can be used for various purposes like embroidery, sewing, knitting, weaving and so forth. Such yarns are also called PFY. Such yarns are created when MEG and PTA are spun directly to make POY or FDY. The polyester fibres are spun together to create spun yarns.


FDY –Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn is also known as Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY). It is available in Semi Dull, Full Dull, and Bright lustres with circular cross sections and triangular cross sections. It is mainly used in sarees, dress materials, home furnishing fabrics, fashion fabrics, denim, terry towels, and others. Dope dyed FDY is also available for making colored fabrics directly from the yarn. FDY can also be twisted to make embroidery yarn. It is available in a denier range of 30D to 600D.


DTY – DTY yarn is mainly used in weaving & knitting of fabrics for making clothes, home furnishings, seat covers, and many other uses. Depending upon the type of sections of filaments, DTY yarn is also available in Semi-Dull, Full Dull, Bright, or Trilobal Bright lustres. Cationic DTY is also another variant of Polyester DTY. DTY is available in NIM, SIM, LIM, and HIM in the Denier range of 30D to 1200D. Dope Dyed DTY is also available in a wide range of colors and Deniers.


POY – Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn, commonly known as Polyester POY is the primary form of polyester yarn. It is the first form of yarn made directly from PTA & MEG or by spinning polyester PET Chips. POY is mainly used in texturizing to make textured yarn, also known as Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY). POY yarn is also available in different lustres like Semi-Dull, Full Dull, Bright and Cationic.


Polyester Spun Yarns – Ring spun yarn is made by twisting and thinning of polyester fibre strands to make a very fine and strong rope of polyester fibers. Most yarns made from staple fibers are ring spun yarns. The twist that provides the final entanglement is built up from the outside to the inside. Spun yarn is available in different counts – Single and Double. 


ATY – ATY can offer an entirely different look and hand to any fabric. It can be used in a broad range of fabrics – from simple lightweight scrim all the way to heavy duty soft luggage fabrics and from lightweight swimwear to heavyweight parkas. Several filament yarns can be mixed to construct the ideal ATY for certain qualities. ATY is a rather expensive yarn if the denier is low. But higher deniers compare very favorably with competitive spun yarns. Like DTY, ATY is also available in SD, FD & BRT lustres in a wide range of deniers.


ACY – Air Covered Yarn is manufactured by creating a physical intermingle of Lycra/Spandex yarn and synthetic filament polyester with the help of compressed air entered through a nozzle. Spandex or Lycra is applied during the draw texturizing process of polyester to avoid the extra process of spandex application. ACY is normally produced in Semi Dull quality but other lustres can also be produced. ACY is available in a wide range of deniers of polyester yarn, spandex, or Lycra. Also available in the range of 80D to 300D with 20D to 70D Spandex/Lycra. It can be made as a Dope Dyed ACY also.

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