Nylon Yarns

Nylon Yarns

Nylon Yarns are used for apparels, home textiles, semi-industrial products and under garments. Nylon is bifurcated in to Nylon 6 & Nylon 66. … Nylon 6 is used in manufacturing garments mainly, whereas Nylon 66 is used to manufacture industrial products like tire cords, ropes for finishing nets. Being easily dyeable, nylon filament yarn imparts exquisite lustre and vibrancy to the fabric. Nylon Yarns are available in wide range of Deniers and in Semi Dull and Bright Lustres.

Mother Yarns

Nylon Mother Yarn- Mother yarn is a multifilament drawn yarn which is further converted into mono filament yarn by splitting the ends at spinning process. Their area of application is in sarees, dresses, drapes, mosquito nets. It also finds use in the automobile sector and in the manufacture of sports shoes.

Mono Filament Yarn

Nylon Mono Filament Yarn – Nylon Mono filament yarn is defined as a single strand of untwisted continuous fiber and is available in bright and semi dull lustre through different routes of production.These multi-functional yarns are designed for varied weaving applications.


Nylon FDY – Fully drawn nylon filament yarn is produced at higher speeds along with intermediate drawing integrated at spinning. This enhances the stabilisation of polymer through orientation and crystallisation, a primary factor that contributes to strengthening the nylon filament yarn.



Nylon DTY – Drawn textured nylon yarn is made from POY through texturising process, i.e. simultaneously twisted and drawn. DTY yarn is a continuous filament yarn that has been processed to introduce durable crimps, twists, interlaces, loops, or other fine distortions along the length of the filament.

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