Cotton Yarns

Cotton Yarns

It’s the oldest, most widely used & most versatile spun yarn available on the market since a long time. It is strong, durable & has excellent properties of water absorption with a short drying time, which makes it great for use in shirts, bottoms, dress materials & baths. It’s available in ring yarn and open-end yarn. Again, ring yarn can be carded or combed. Carded yarn is available from 5’s Ne to 30’s Ne Count. Combed yarn from 10’s Ne to 120’s Ne & the open end from 4’s Ne to 30’s Ne. The ring yarn can be single, doubled, or many-fold depending upon the different end uses. It can be made with lycra/spandex called CSY. Open end yarn is comparatively cheap and is used in denim, sheets, curtains, etc. Ring yarn is comparatively costly and is used in shirts, saries, botoms, dress material, etc. Value-added denim are also made from the Ring yarns. Combed yarns are costly Ring yarns & are used in the value added shirtings,saries, dress material etc.
Normally, doubled combed yarn is used in suits. Cotton can be blended with polyester, viscose, tencel, etc to create a variety of blended yarns for different end uses. At Industify, we have decades of experience in consistently delivering the reliable and timely services our manufacturing clients need. Our experts can help you prepare your people for industry demands, enhance returns from your production and manufacturing assets, and expand your reach to new global markets. We can assist you in improving product safety and reliability, reducing costs and time-to-market, complying with local and international standards, and minimising risk.

From quality testing, manufacturing process troubleshooting, and health and environmental guidance to business assurance, auditing, inspection, certification, training, and consulting, we are the ideal partner to provide the tailored Total Quality Assurance solutions you require. Engaging our worldwide independent manufacturing support services delivers confidence and peace of mind that your business is doing its utmost to provide safe, environmentally compliant working and processing environments while delivering quality materials and products to your clients and end users.

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